A Visit to the Florida RV Super Show

Wednesday January 16th 2019

It was a nice sunny morning, but the temperature was in the low forties. By the middle of the day thick clouds had moved into the area which kept the temperature below sixty. Late in the day the clouds gave way to clear skies just in time to allow more radiational cooling over night. The forecast is for even cooler temperatures tonight.

The crowds outdoors weren’t bad.

Today was the first day of the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa. I got to the State Fair grounds at ten about an hour after it opened. The traffic backup getting into the parking lot was about a half a mile long. The lines at the ticket window were equally long, but looked more like a disorganized crowd. Inside the show grounds the crowds were manageable in the RV exhibit areas, but inside the vendor sales buildings it was another mob scene.

View across the pond at some of the other RVs.

I don’t know if it was because today was seniors day or a general characteristic of RVers, but there were Electric Convenience Vehicles, dog strollers and dogs on leashes jamming the aisles. The ECV came in all sizes and shapes. One ECV was actually a small golf cart. As for the pet menagerie there were big dogs and small dogs. Some came in pairs and others were dressed in their owner’s idea of pretty costumes. Why does a little fur ball need sun glasses to go with a skirt and head bow? The crowds were not a safe environment for the dogs. I saw a couple shivering in fear while being ignored by their handlers. I hope none of the animals got injured by all of the big feet around their little bodies.

Overall I was disappointed by the show. I’m not in the market for a new RV so I only looked at a few. It’s still one of the best shows to attend if you’re in the market for a new rig. Just about every brand in the industry is represented. The same couldn’t be said about the vendor areas. There are a few upgrades and accessories that I am interested in buying. I didn’t find any of them. I don’t need cookware, essential oils, RFID protected wallets or a bunch or other stuff unrelated to RVs. If I want to buy something that Camping World sells, I’ll go to a real Camping World not a slapped together temporary store. I’d like to buy items sold by the independent vendors that make a living selling at RV rallys and shows. One in particular was present, but was only selling a limited set of products do to space. I’ll have to buy online and get it shipped when I’m at a place that receives deliveries.

I spent less than four hours at the show. When the clouds got dark and it looked like rain, I returned to my RV home. My ticket is good for another day, but I don’t think I’ll go back.

This bird can’t figure out what’s going on at “his” fair grounds.

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