More Hillsborough River Exploring

Tuesday January 15th 2019

It didn’t get as cold last night as forecast. The cloud cover kept some of the heat of the day in place overnight. It was almost noon before the clouds disappeared keeping the sun from warming the daytime air. The high temperature today was a little above sixty.

Cypress trees in the river near the “rapids”.

Once the sun came out I did some more exploring along the banks of the Hillsborough River this afternoon. There were very few other people on the trails this afternoon. It made it easy to listen to the sounds of the water, the birds and occasional noisy squirrel. The trails wind along the side of the river with an occasional boardwalk to span a gully. Looking out over the water are many beautiful vistas complete with Spanish moss hanging from Cyprus trees and palm trees leaning over the water.

Small alligator taking the sun.

As I walk along the rive I keep looking for the typical Florida water residents. A few weeks ago in Myakka State Park, I saw many water birds, a few turtles and alligators. I still haven’t seen any turtles or the typical water birds here, but today I spotted an alligator on the far bank. It was a small gator about five feet long taking the sun on a log. I guess all the warning signs weren’t warning people without a reason.

Blossom of the day.

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