Animal Visitors

Monday January 14th 2019

After the cold front passed through the area yesterday afternoon, it was cloudy this morning. The trees surrounding my campsite combined with the lack of direct sunlight made it very difficult to get going this morning. By the middle of the afternoon the sun had broken through the clouds and was reaching the ground through the trees, but the temperature only made it into the mid sixties.

There was no wind to add ripples to the surface of the Hillsborough River.

Shortly after noon I got motivated to find a Walmart Super Center for some groceries. My supplies were getting low. I wasn’t starving, but I had to be creative with my spotty supplies. I didn’t have all the fixings for any single meal. I found the Walmart with everything I needed eleven miles north in Zephyrhills. It was a very busy place both for shopping and socializing. There seemed to be a meeting of friends blocking every aisle in the store.

While I was out I got gas for the car. For the first time in ages I spent less only $1.899 per gallon for gas. The gas price at most stations has been below two dollars since before Christmas, but this is the first time I’ve bought gas for less than $1.90 in many years. I’m sure that the price of gas will be on the rise by the time I start my travels, but at least it will be starting from a lower value.

This squirrel blends in with the dried leaves on the ground.

At the campground I had more visits from the local animals. The squirrels are very comfortable around people. They will scurry around within a couple of feet if your not looking in their direction. If they see you paying attention to them they will stay about fifteen or twenty feet away. Three Black Vultures also wandered through the campground today. I was inside when they came through my site, but the neighbors were out. The birds weren’t phased by them.

This Black Vulture came for a visit today.

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