Finishing up at Myakka State Park

Thursday December 27th 2018

It is hard to believe that my two weeks at Myakka State Park is coming to an end tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed seeing the birds and alligators in the park. Today is a week since the sky opened up and dropped more than eight inches of rain. The rising waters made seeing wildlife a little more difficult. The gators and birds were no longer as close to the road. Today there are clear signs that the water level is dropping, but I’ll be moving on tomorrow. There is a two week limit at the Florida state parks.

A Little Blue Heron.
This Great Egret needs to be told to stand up straight.

The weather roller coaster is still climbing the hill. It was near eighty today when the clouds were not overhead. The next few days are all forecast to be a little warmer with an increasing chance of rain. The only real down side is the wind will be strong during my move tomorrow. I’m only moving about forty five miles north. My first order of business after I get on the road is putting some gas in the RV. I wanted to fill the tank before I arrived here, but didn’t find a suitable place with good access. In the two weeks I’ve been here the price of gas has gone down around fifteen cents to $1.99 a gallon.

A small gator in the weeds.
A pair of Ibis searching for lunch.

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