The Myakka River is still Running High

Wednesday December 26th 2018

When I checked the water level of the Myakka River this morning it had only gone down a little from yesterday. Compared to how quickly it came up, it is going down slowly. I also think I got to the bottom of the flooding story. It seemed hard to believe that the few inches of rain last week produced a major flood condition in the river that exceeded the aftermath of hurricanes. It didn’t. What is being reported is the highest water conditions in the Myakka River in December since 1998. The record flooding occurred in June of 2003. It was more than five feet higher than the current level. This storm may not have even resulted in an official flood at seven feet.

The flooded area of the Myakka River beside the main channel.

The water is still very high. There is standing water in the woods along all the park roads. The bird population is still having difficulty finding dry places to land and the gators don’t have bank space to get out of the water. Spotting the birds along the shore is much more difficult and the gators were nowhere to be found near the river today.

You needed to look hard to find the Great Blue Heron in the center of this zoomed picture.
Ibis searching for food in the flooded woodlands.

My focus today was getting a few chores around the rig completed. The dishes had been accumulating in the sink for a couple of days, the holding tanks needed dumping and the general clutter of almost two weeks in one place needed to be addressed. Dumping the tanks proved to be more of a challenge than normal. I have twenty five feed of sewer hose out and it isn’t possible to maintain a stead slope from the RV to the connection in the ground. This is further complicated by the fact that the connection is in a poured cement block eight inches above ground level. I had to do a lot of raising and lowering of the hose to get things to run. Before I leave on Friday, I’ll backup the motorhome so I have a shorter run and get a better dump.

Sunset approaching.
Sunset over the Myakka River

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