A Lazy Saturday

Saturday December 29th 2018

This was a lazy kind of day. I had absolutely no sense of time. The TV is often my time keeper. This morning I didn’t have any familiar television programs on the TV. When I though it was a little after 9AM it was actually a little after 11AM. The weather had a role in my confusion as well. The day started with very low cloud cover. Nearer the gulf coast it was socked in with fog. It eventually lifted to a nice sunny and humid day with a high temperature in the low eighties.

Looking up stream from the trail head area of the Little Myaka River State Park.

My first excursion of the day was around 1PM. I rode my bicycle around the park to check out the trail head and picnic area along the Little Manatee River. Many of the campers have canoes, kayaks, rafts and small flat bottom boats. So far, I haven’t found where they are putting them into the river. The areas I’ve seen are good for canoes and kayaks, but not the bigger boats.

Looking down stream.

The river in this area is very near the headwaters. It runs west a few miles and empties into Tampa Bay. It is narrow, curvy and probably shallow in this area. In January of 2017 I stayed in a campground on the river much nearer the mouth. In that area dolphins and manatee are common. The boat traffic is also much bigger, heavier and faster.

Blossom of the day.

The rest of the day passed just as quick as the morning. I watched some TV outside under the awning for awhile. At one point I looked out toward the road and saw a Gopher Tortoise rushing away. It soon stopped to catch its breath giving me time to take a couple of pictures. Given its path it probably passed very close to my chair. After resting in a frozen position for a few minutes it was on its way across the road into the brush.

Gopher Tortoise with a little sand on its back stopped long enough to get pose for a few pictures.

By the time I fired up the grill to cook a pork chop for “lunch” the sun was setting. When I checked a real clock it was after five. This evening time has slowed down a little. I’m actually getting this blog entry finished a little earlier than normal.

As I was getting ready to publish this blog entry I noticed that yesterday’s post is missing. I need to find out what happened to it.

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