Florida Christmas Weather

Tuesday December 25th 2018

Merry Christmas

The weather in Florida is nothing like the Christmas weather I grew up with. Instead of cold and snow today was comfortable. The weather roller coaster is currently climbing the temperature hill. It made it into the mid seventies today. Each day this week is forecast to be a few degrees warmer than the day before.

This Great Blue Heron found a place to stand near the river.

Before leaving the state park for the day, I drove deeper into the park to check on the flooding. It looks like the Myakka River has crested. A little more of the pavement in one of the parking lots was visible. It has a long way to go before it gets back to the pre-storm level. The wadding birds still don’t have any good areas along the banks of the swift moving water. The alligators in the river were also absent this morning. They were either still deep in the water or in areas not visible from the road.

I see you!
Taking some sun and watching the tourists taking pictures.

I stopped at the power line trail where I saw a big gator sunning in the middle of the path yesterday. He (or she) was back on the path. It was in a new position so I know it can move, but while I was there it appeared as still as a log. A lot of people were in the park on this Christmas day morning. Many of them found the sunning gator on the power line trail. A stead stream of people were taking pictures.

I had a great turkey dinner with friends this afternoon to celebrate the holiday. The restaurant was on the side of the Little Sarasota Bay which is part of the Intercoastal waterway in this area. A number of pleasure boats passed by during lunch to provide entertainment and add to the enjoyment of the meal. I got back to my RV home after dark tonight. I’ll have to check on the status of the flooding tomorrow.

Blossom of the day.

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