A Potpourri Kind of Day

Saturday December 15th 2018

It was potpourri day. Both the weather and my activities were a very mixed bag.

Blossom of the day.

When the cold front arrived last night it really rained hard and long. It continued to rain off and on all night. Around ten this morning the rain let up and it began to slowly clear up. The sun made a brief appearance around noon before the clouds and rain started to creep back into the area. The temperature followed the same pattern. It went form the sixties in the morning to a high around seventy five only to return to the sixties.

Big alligator on the bank of the Myakka River.

My activity for the day were equally varied. I unloaded the bicycle and rack from the car for my stay here shortly after it stopped raining. Once the sun started to break through the clouds, I set off on a short ride to the Myakka River to visit the local alligators. There were a few of the modern day dinosaurs taking the sun on the banks along with a bird or two. I returned to my campsite with a plan to return later in the day, but the weather had other ideas.

Roseate Spoonbills

Back at my RV home after the bike ride, I switched modes from exploring to housekeeping. The laundry facility is right across the street from my site. I took the opportunity to replenish my clean clothes. It was nice not to have to sit in a little room with a bunch of noisy machines and guard your dirty clothes as they get washed. This washer and dryer were on the outside of the bathhouse in view from my site. I could do other things at home while the laundry “cooked”.

Great Egret

In between the unique events for the day, I made a couple of walking loops around the campground. This facility is very popular with people from the north. Unlike, my last stop at Lake Louisa state park, the majority of the sites are occupied by non Florida License plates. I have neighbors from Maine, Ohio and Virginia.

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