Travel to the Sarasota Area

Friday December 14th 2018

I hate rainy travel days. The rain began about 10AM just as I started some of the remaining outside tasks necessary to get on the road. It continued until I was almost at my destination just east of Sarasota FL. Once the rain stopped, the wind picked up and blew the RV around on the road. Between the rain and the traffic the hundred and thirty mile drive took nearly two and a half hours.

It remained mostly dry for the remainder of the daylight hours. I was able to get setup for my two week stay without getting wet. The rain was the precursor to a slow moving storm front that is expected to pass through the area tonight. It has been sitting off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico most of the day. Once it passes the temperature will again drop from today’s seasonable mid to upper seventies to the low sixties. The same storm front is causing issues up the entire east coast this weekend.

Site 70 at the Myakka River State Park in Sarasota FL as seen from the campground road beside the site.

I’m at the Myakka River State Park in Sarasota county. I stayed here last March for a couple of weeks and really enjoyed the park. There is good hiking and biking opportunities. Hopefully, the wildlife will be just as plentiful as it was in the spring. The only wildlife I don’t want to see again is the Crazy Cardinal that kept running into the side windows of my RV home.

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