Quick Visit to the Magic Kingdom

Thursday December 13th 2018

It was a warmer day today, but the wind and clouds were back. The high temperature for the day was in the low seventies during the brief time that the sun broke through the clouds late in the day.

This is my last day in central Florida until the middle of January. Tomorrow I travel about 130 miles to the Sarasota Florida area. While eating breakfast this morning, I made a spur of the moment decision to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom. My goal was to see the Christmas decorations and maybe checkout a ride or two if the lines weren’t too bad.

Wilderness Lodge lobby Christmas tree.

I arrived at the Magic Kingdom parking lot around noon and preceded to turn a simple visit into a minor adventure. Instead of going straight to the Magic Kingdom, I took the monorail to EPCOT and caught a bus to the Wilderness Lodge to see the big Christmas tree in the lobby. I took the launch from the lodge to the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t experience any of the drama associated with Disney’s buses and monorail that has been common the last few weeks. They’ve had door issues on the monorails and one bus rear ended another one in the EPCOT parking lot earlier this week.

Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom

When I got into the Magic Kingdom people were lined up to watch the afternoon parade. I took this as an opportunity to catch a couple of rides in Tomorrow Land with shorter wait times. Once the parade was over the wait times were quickly back to near an hour on many of the attractions. I made a loop of the park checking out the decorations and proceeded to the exit. It was another hit and run visit to a Disney park that is possible when you have an annual pass.

Statue of Walt and the mouse.

Back at the campground I completed most of the outside packing tasks. I’m not going to rush out of here tomorrow, but rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. The worst of it is not due until later in the day, but why chance it. I still have plenty of inside travel prep to do after a two week stay.

Christmas at the Magic Kingdom

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