A Day of Wandering

Wednesday December 12th 2018

It was a great weather day today, but still cold by Florida standards. The temperature got to the mid sixties, with very little wind and bright sunshine. I would mind if today’s weather was repeated a few times. Unfortunately, tomorrow is forecast in the seventies and Friday will be warmer still with rain.

My new friend the turtle on the log. Once you know where to look he’s seems to be there every day.

I spent the morning watching TV and drinking my breakfast coffee while the temperature improved from the overnight low in the mid thirties. In the afternoon I visited a few stores without buying anything. It was mostly a form of exercise that broke up my wandering drive around the area. I continue to be amazed at the volume of traffic at times. Three lane roads can be completely full of cars between traffic lights at busy times of the day. At other times the road can be almost empty. The concerning thing is all the housing development underway. In this area of the state every time a citrus grove needs to be replanted either because of tree damage or age it seems to be sold to a developer. So much of the open land is being developed into condos or tightly packed housing. What will the traffic look like when the new homes are occupied?

State Park cabins on the far side of Dixie Lake at sunset.

Back at the campground late in the afternoon I walked around the sites. It looks like every site is occupied tonight. Most nights before tonight a few sites were open. The character of the residents has also transitioned. Tonight there were far more people out walking or being walked by dogs. One lady was even “walking” her well groomed standard poodle from her electric convenience vehicle.

Washed out sunset tonight. There just wasn’t the right amount of water vapor in the air.

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