Christmas Decorations at a Few More Disney Resort Hotels

Tuesday December 11th 2018

The thermometer said today was even colder than yesterday. From my perspective it still required the same number of layers of clothes, so it wasn’t any worse or any better. It’s just different from the last few Decembers I’ve spent in Florida.

Today was a split mode day. The first have of the day I was in regular living mode and the second half I was back in tourist mode. This morning I started to do the laundry, but found I was out of a critical ingredient. I used the last of my Tide Laundry Pods the last time I did a load of wash. The pods are easy to store and carry to the laundry facilities, so I prefer them over a container of liquid soap. I made a run to Walmart for laundry supplies and quite a few other things including a cooked chicken for lunch.

By the time I got home and ate some of the chicken for lunch, it was time to turn into a tourist. My plan was to go to EPCOT, visit a few of the attractions then slip out the International Gateway entrance and check out the decorations at all of the EPCOT area hotels. The idea was to use the walk around the five hotels to kill the time before the Illuminations nighttime show. My timing was off. It was only 7:30 when I got back to EPCOT after my resort hotel tour. With the temperature in the mid forties I chose to return home rather than wait around for the show. Here are some of the pictures I took.

Disney’s Boardwalk

Gingerbread Village in the Boardwalk lobby
Christmas tree in front of the Boardwalk Resort Hotel

Disney’s Yacht Club

Christmas Tree in the lobby of the Yacht Club Resort Hotel
Village and train track

Disney’s Beach Club

Gingerbread Carousel in the Beach Club Lobby

Swan & Dolphin

Chocolate Santa’s village at the Swan
Christmas tree in the Dolphin Lobby

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