Cool Day at Home

Wednesday December 5th 2018

The temperature barely made it out of the sixties today, but it was a bright sunny day. The hour or so that it was in above sixty would have been a great opportunity to work or play outside if you were a few hundred miles north of here. Knowing that tomorrow or the next day will be much warmer makes you tend to want to hibernate when it is in the sixties around here. Everything is relative.

These colorful wildflowers are plentiful.

I was still lingering over my breakfast coffee when the TV coverage of the George H. W. Bush funeral started. I got caught up for the next three hours watching the pageantry and retrospective of the former presidents life. The man really lead a life of service to the country. It’s hard to believe that he left office nearly twenty six years ago.

Lily Pads moved by the wind.

Once I got away from the TV this afternoon I set about getting some exercise. I started with a walk around the campground loops with a stop at each of the lakes. The wind was out of the north today which changed the alinement of the lily pads near the waters edge. The gaps were different causing the people trying to fish between the pads a lot of grief. To me the wind was just cold.

Spanish Moss and Cyprus Knees make a very Florida like scene.

After the walk and a sandwich for lunch I continued my exercise with a bicycle ride out the campground road toward the entrance. The campground is about three miles from the entrance. I had high hopes of traveling the whole distance, but I turned around well short. I still haven’t got my peddling muscles back in shape and the road is hilly. I’m going to blame the head wind.

The northwestern sky at sunset.

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