A Short Visit to EPCOT

Tuesday December 4th 2018

After yesterday’s record high temperatures near ninety today was a complete opposite. The high temperature barely broke seventy. There was a heavy cloud cover all day. The forecast clearing didn’t arrive before the sun set.

I kept busy most of the day working on various tasks around my RV home with a walk around the campground and a little bicycle riding thrown in for good measure. Late in the afternoon I decided to head over to Disney’s EPCOT to check out the Christmas decorations. I got a third of the way there before I realized I’d left my phone at home on the charger. Before the cell phone era that wouldn’t have meant anything, but in today’s connected world it caused a minor panic. I retraced my steps back home to get the phone off the charger.

The main EPCOT Christmas Tree

I arrived at EPCOT shortly before dark, so I got the full impact of the lights getting turned on. I also got the full impact of the evening crowds. The Candlelight Processional was a very big draw this evening. The line for the people participating in the Candlelight Processional dining plan passed through three countries forty five minutes before the event. The line went from the American Garden Theater through Japan and Morocco into France. On the other side of the theater the standby line was more organized with a series of switchbacks in Italy. Most of the standby folks were still standing by for the next showing. I stood in the walkway behind the theater with hundreds of others and watched some of the show. It was very difficult to hear the quieter parts of the performance. After about a third of the show I moved on.

After about three hours I called it a night and returned to my RV home. It’s not easy filling time waiting for the Illuminations show at the end of the evening. A sit down dinner is not a good option for killing time when visiting the park solo. I may go back to Epcot next week with Fastpass ride reservations to fill the time waiting for the night time show.

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