A Visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Thursday December 6th 2018

Today’s temperature rebounded ten degrees from yesterday. It topped out at seventy degrees with sunny skies and not much wind. A good day for the theme parks, so that’s where I went. I spent some time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Iconic Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I spent about four hours in the park visiting the animals. I left when my stomach started calling for lunch. The lines and prices for mediocre food were not to my liking, so I came home. I’d seen most of the animal based attractions and the wait times for the rides were longer than I wanted to wait. I took more than one hundred and thirty pictures. Here are some of the better ones.

Blossom of the day.
Crested Crane
Hippos taking the sun on a cool morning. They almost looked plastic.
Mamma Hippo and her offspring.
Adult and two young giraffes.
Adult female elephant and her young one.
Monkey holding her young.
Crested Coua. The Disney Castmember when absolutely nuts when he saw it. They only have one in the big bird tent and it isn’t seen very often.
Mama Tiger released from duty watching over her cubs. They are now full grown and play in the other enclosure.
Close up of male gorilla in the next picture.
My favorite picture from my trip to the Animal Kingdom.

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