Not Cold but Florida Cold

Wednesday November 28th 2018

Today was Florida cold. In the northern part of the USA today would have been considered comfortable, but it wasn’t what you’d expect of Florida in November. Somehow that makes it seem even colder. The high temperature for the day didn’t get out of the fifties and the wind blew steadily out of the northwest making it feel ten degrees cooler. The normal high temperature is twenty degrees warmer.

Trying to hide from the wind.

There wasn’t any ship activity in the port today. All of the home port cruise ships are at sea and there were no ships making port calls here. The weather kept the small craft traffic down too, so I was left to observing the wildlife on my walks around the Jetty Park area. In addition to the usual compliment of birds I saw one feral cat, a rat and a sea turtle. I was bundled up in layers topped with a hooded sweatshirt to keep the wind away from bare skin. Judging by the small number of people out and about, I think others decided it was too cold to roam the park and beach.

Birds swarming around the fish cleaning station with fresh blood. The guts went in the water.
Turkey Vulture looking or its share of the fish cleaning remains.

I left the park for a few hours of exploring in the area. The beach areas to the south had very few cars in the parking lots. On the mainland side of the Indian River the wind was not as penetrating, but I still didn’t see anyone enjoying the outdoors. The parks were empty, but the big shopping areas had plenty of cars in the parking lots. The only shopping on my current list requires a home improvement store which I didn’t find on my explorations. Tomorrow I’m heading in the other direction. I know where a Lowes and a Home Depot is located to the northwest of here.

Sea Turtle breaking the surface.

The campground had more than a few vacancies last night. It started to fill a little today, but I still don’t have any close neighbors. I expect that to change tomorrow. I know that the park will be full for the weekend. I have to leave Friday next location.

Sunset on the incoming tide at the cold beach.

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