Last Day at Jetty Park

Thursday November 29th 2018

Today was about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. The high temperature was in the mid sixties and the wind wasn’t quite as strong. The downside is that it wasn’t as sunny. The day started out cloudy, improved a little during the afternoon and then clouded back up as the evening arrived.

Two of the feral cats that reside at the park. They are well cared for by some of the area residents.

I had the same basic focus for the day as yesterday. I took a morning walk around the park followed by an exploration drive before concluding the daylight hours with another walk around the park. Today’s direction of exploration was to the northeast of the park. I didn’t make any new discoveries since my last visit to the area in the spring.

A sailboat heading out into the Atlantic.
Shore birds come in all sizes.

There was more activity around the park and the port today. In addition to all the sea bird activity, the dolphins were again roaming the channel into the port and I even saw a manatee heading out into the Atlantic. I guess that means the water temperature hasn’t gotten cold yet. There was also more boat traffic today. The Carnival Liberty was in port today. It’s not the biggest ship at 952 feet long holding 2,974 passengers, some of the Royal Caribbean ships that use this port are much bigger.

Carnival Liberty heads o sea. She is escorted by the Sheriff’s boat, the pilot boat and a navy patrol boat. Al of the cruise ships get a similar treatment. If the coast guard is in the area they join the party too.

This was my last full day here. Tomorrow I’m moving inland to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont for the next two weeks. I’m going to miss walking around this park and taking pictures of the birds and ships. There will be plenty of different things to take pictures of at my next stop and I’ll be near the theme parks. They are always interesting to see during the holiday season. I haven’t done much travel preparation yet. I plan to leave around 11:30, so the morning will be busy.

First blossom of the day.
Second blossom of the day.

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