Birds, Dolphins and Ships

Tuesday November 27th 2018

Today’s high temperature was nearly 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. The high temperature was in the low sixties with a strong wind out of the northwest making it feel even cooler. Tomorrow is forecast to be a few degrees cooler with the wind continuing.

The wind was strong enough out of the northwest to keep the flags out straight all day.

My day began early this morning. The guy from North Carolina on the next site decided it was time to depart before five this morning. I didn’t wake up until he started to pull his trailer off the site. His truck’s transmission or some other part of the drive train was not doing too well. It sounded like the engine revved very high to get the trailer moving. Judging by the sound it didn’t move very much at first. When it did start moving, it was loud enough that I could hear the truck moving through the campground and out the exit road. I hope he makes it back to North Carolina.

When I opened the blinds this morning I found the vacated site full of every variety of scavenger bird local to the area. The North Carolinian had left two bags of trash on his site. The birds had managed to break into the white plastic and scatter the contents all over the area. The turkey vultures had one pile, half a dozen Ibis had there own pickings, some crows were off to the side with something interesting and a couple of gulls were watching from the sidelines. There are plenty of dumpsters and trash receptacles in the campground so this shouldn’t happen. The park staff had a messy job picking up the mess.

USNS City of Bismark coming back into the port after one of its runs to the horizon and back.
Norwegian Cruise Lines ship Escape coming into port this afternoon. It’s not often I’m awake when the cruise ships come into port.

Around a trip out for groceries and a little area touring, I spent the day watching the activity in the port. The City of Bismark navel transport ship was doing some kind of practice or testing in the port. It would make its way out of the port to a point just about out of site than come back in. This was repeated a number of times during the day. I think it only stopped to get out of the way for the Norwegian Cruise lines Escape which arrived in the port around four this afternoon. It was supposed to arrived around 11AM from New York City, but was delayed in route.

Pelicans watching the action in the water from the jetty.
Great Egret somewhat sheltered from the wind.
One of the dolphins off the jetty breaking the surface.

The jetty on the south side of the Port Canaveral channel has a fishing pier along the side that goes out to the end of the jetty. Out at the end the area is full of wildlife. I was watching a pod of dolphins going back and forth across the channel this morning. I’m not sure if they were fishing or just showing off, but they were fun to watch. This afternoon I was back out there waiting for the cruise ship to arrive when I saw sea turtles swimming below the pier. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera, but I’m going to try for a picture again tomorrow. On the way back in a bird managed to pluck a good size fish out of the water about thirty feet from me. I’m pretty sure it was an Osprey. The only other possibility would be a juvenile bald eagle which seems unlikely. Once again I was so startled that I didn’t get the camera into play quick enough. I took a picture of the clouds.

Blossom of the day.

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