Beach Walking

Monday November 26th 2018

The weather roller coaster reached the top of the hill today. The temperature was in the mid eighties here. Some of the cities in the area reported new record highs. After the roller coaster reaches the top the only way to go is down. By tomorrow night we may see record lows in the thirties. It is forecast to be a sunny day tomorrow with high temperature in the low sixties.

Knowing that today might be only warm day while I’m here, I put a focus on enjoying the beach today. That means walking and looking, not sun bathing and swimming. This morning was high tide. The water was higher than I’ve ever seen it on this beach. I’m not sure if the height was caused by the recent full moon or a change in the beach contour. Recent storms or men with bulldozers could have change the slope of the beach. Either way I couldn’t walk the beach at high tide.

Long flat beach at low tide looking south from Port Canaveral toward Cocoa Beach.

This afternoon the tide was out and the sand was hard and flat. It was an easy walk south along the beach. Once I got away from the Jetty Park beach and the time share condos next door, there weren’t a lot of people on the beach. Down toward Cocoa Beach there were more people, but I didn’t walk that far. It was almost too warm after spending the previous two months in the cooler northern weather.

Back at the port later in the afternoon I watched the USNS City of Bismark arrive in port. This is a fast transport ship run my the Military Sealift Command. The ship seems to have been designed for speed rather than capacity. It has a catamaran style hull for speed so its transport capacity comes from the deck that spans the twin hulls. Shortly after the City of Bismark arrived in port the two cruise ships here for the day departed. It was a very busy end of the day in the port.

Blossom of he Day

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