Travel Day to Port Canaveral

Sunday November 25th 2018

There was a heavy fog blanketing the ground this morning. The campground street lights were on well after sunrise casting a hazy glow on the campground. The fog gradually lifted and the sun started to break through just as I was pulling out of the campground at 11AM. I had three hours to travel less than ninety miles. To stretch the journey, I stopped at a rest area on Interstate 95 for a long lunch.

Site 340 at the Jetty Park Campground in Port Canaveral FL.

My destination for the next five nights is Jetty Park Campground in Port Canaveral Florida. I really like this location even if the campground isn’t the greatest. They have crammed too many campsites into the available space. The roads are very narrow and the sites are angled in at all kinds of odd angles. It’s not unusual to have the back of one RV a few feet from the side of another one. I had to disconnect my towed car from the motorhome at the office. Getting backed into my site was a slow process. I had to get out and check my position several times before I was lined up and centered on my site. Traffic on the narrow road was blocked while I was completing my maneuvers.

Soon after I got setup it was time to walk over to the side of the channel leading out of the port. Two of the three cruise ships in port today were leaving. People from the campground and the residents of the local area were all lined up on the bank to watch the ships go to sea. The third cruise ship in port is not based here. This was just a port of call that it departed tonight at 9PM.

This Great Egret is one of the nonhuman observers of the cruise ships passing.

Watching the ships come and go is just one of the things I like about this park. Walking on the beach, watching the sea birds, and the occasional rocket launch from space center are other good things about this location. Today I even saw a pod of dolphins patrolling the waters of the port. I’m looking forward to other observations and adventures while I’m here.

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