A Day for Chores

Saturday November 24th 2018

It was another beautiful day with a high temperature near eighty. I used the day to get caught up on chores and start the preparation for tomorrows move.

The Ibis are always on patrol for food.

Chief among my accomplishments for the day was the laundry. This will be the best laundry facility I’ll see in a park until February. I’m going to be in state parks most of the time between now and then. The laundry facilities I’m familiar with in a couple of the parks I’ve been to before are single machines outside the restrooms. They’re better than nothing, but are often in high demand. I may have to find a laundry in town during the next couple of months. The other alternative is to buy new clothes. That’s a bit extreme, but I should throw a few worn and stained items out.

I took my last few walks around the marina and campground today. It’s a very odd circuit. To get from one side of the marina to the other you have to cross one of the docks or go out through the security gate. Either way the resident pair of Sandhill Cranes often block your path. You can pass within ten feet or so, but if you walk toward them they start to make a racket. I’m not sure what happens if you continue on after their warning. I don’t want to find out what their beaks can do to skin.

I was looking to take a picture of a small alligator that hides in the weeds near one of the docks. What I found was this turtle. If I didn’t see the head moving I wouldn’t have been able to guess what I was looking at.

Tomorrow’s drive is a little over 80 miles to Port Canaveral. I’m spending five nights at Jetty Park. I really like the location of the Park. The sites aren’t the greatest. They are very close together, but you can’t beat the access and activity. It would have been nice to stay longer, but the weekends have been booked since I started looking during the summer. I’ll be there until Friday.

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