A Day at Home

Friday November 23rd 2018

The pattern of cool nights and nice days continued today. It was in the high fifties when I got up this morning, but managed to climb into the mid seventies before noon. I stayed at home today and enjoyed life along the banks of the St. Johns River. I left all of the traffic and chaos of the Friday after Thanksgiving to others.

Route 44 drawbridge opening for traffic.
Boat after passing through the open bridge.

During the day yesterday many more campers arrived at the park. There are still a few open sites, but I’m surprised how the park filled up. I’m not sure how people use this weekend for camping. Having lived in the northeast until I hit the road, the camping season is over by Thanksgiving. Some people had their holiday gathering at their campsites. Others seem to use the campground as a base to attend a gathering near by. Still others arrived late last night making me suspect they came after celebrating the holiday. Obviously there is no right or wrong way to enjoy a RV outing on the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. I’m just observing and speculating.

Clouds moving in over the marina in the afternoon.

The river was also getting a lot of use today. There is a public boat launching area beside the marina and RV park. It was packed to overflowing with empty boat trailers. Most of the boats were getting used for fishing on the river or one of the many lakes the river connects. A few of the boats were just out for a relaxing cruise on the river. This area is a slow speed zone. There are manatee in the area for the boaters to look out for. I think I saw one or more poking their noses out of the water on the far side of the river near the route 44 bridge. I wish I had my binoculars with me to check it out closer. The manatee have already been reported at the Blue Spring State park area a few miles up river from here.

Sunset wasn’t as brilliant tonight.
Mr. & Mrs. Crane.

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