Settling in at the St Johns Marina and Campground

Saturday November 17th 2018

The temperature was down in the low forties again last night. This morning it gradually climbed to the low seventies. It is forecast to be a warmer night tonight and a little warmer day tomorrow. Even so, it will be below the seasonal averages.

I spent the day getting settled in and exploring the marina and campground. Not surprisingly they share a lot of characteristics. They are both in the process of being upgraded and have a similar spectrum of tenants. The marina has big fancy cruising boats, medium sized live aboard boats, and a few older house boats in residence. The campground has high end motorhomes, modern and older trailers and a few tent trailers. Both the campground and the marina have vacancies.


St Johns River

As I wandered around the campground I found my way to the St. Johns river. It is one of only a few rivers in the country that flow north. In the Jacksonville area were it empties into the Atlantic Ocean it is nearly 3 miles wide in some areas. Here it looks closer to three hundred feet wide if that. The banks have Cyprus trees and other Spanish Moss draped trees overhanging the water. The river fits the phrase “lazy river” very well. There isn’t a lot of current as the river travels through the Florida flat lands.




It is nice to be back in an area near water that has some wildlife around. I found a few birds on my side of the river, but it looks like they prefer the far bank. This side’s chief resident are a pair of noisy sandhill cranes. They are stately looking creatures, but boy can they make a racket. Maybe as the week goes by I’ll see more wildlife on this side of the river.


Night arrives at the marina.

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