Travel Day to DeLand FL

Friday November 16th 2018

The temperature got down near forty overnight. Some communities in the area were even lower. It was chilly outside as I got the rig ready to travel. Frequent breaks inside my RV home for a sip or two of hot coffee kept me going. Only fifty one degrees was displayed on the RV dash as I pulled out of the campground at 10:30am. A little more than 2 hours and one hundred plus miles south the temperature was right around sixty as I ended my travel day. These temperatures aren’t cold when compared with the mess up north, but around here they are about fifteen degrees below the norm.

The drive was uneventful. About the only excitement was my attempt to buy gas. After waiting in line behind a diesel motorhome, I got up to the pump to find the gas side of the pump was out of order. I was left with a choice of circling around to get in line at the other pump or continuing on. Since I still had close to half a tank, I decided to continue on. Gas prices are dropping. With any luck I’ll find gas at the same price or lower when I move again in nine days.


Site D-10 at the St. Johns River KOA & Marina.

I’m at the St. Johns River KOA and Marina west of DeLand Florida until the twenty fifth. This facility is in the middle of a major improvement. All of the utilities and many of the sites are new or updated. It’s layout is confusing. The registration area and a restaurant are on the strip of land that separates the marina from the river. Most of the campground sites are on the mainland side of the marina. Once I worked my way out to the registration area I had to backtrack around the marina to my campsite. There weren’t a lot of cars parked along the way on a Friday afternoon, but when there are it would be a real challenge for a big rig. Other than that peculiarity it seems to be a pretty nice place.


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