A Sunday Drive

Sunday November 18th 2018

It was a mostly sunny day with seasonal normal temperatures in the upper seventies to eighty. As the day went by more clouds moved in. Around sunset a brief light rain shower passed through followed by another a couple of hours later.

Clouds arriving over the marina. 

Today was an exploration day. I set out to see what’s new in the northern part of Volusia County. I ended up making a big loop driving northeast to Daytona Beach then south to New Smyrna Beach before returning to the St. Johns river in DeLand. I mostly did a lot of driving and looking. Although I covered some new territory, I’ve seen many of big sights before. For example, driving by the Daytona International Speedway was interesting, but I’ve seen it before. I may come back and take the tour while I’m here. My path back to the campground was blocked in the center of DeLand by a street festival. I tried to find a place to park to check it out, but everywhere I looked was full. With no real idea what kind of a festival it was I didn’t try real hard. Checking the internet later I learned it was the DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts.

House Boat making its way up river. 

I spent a good portion of the rest of the day watching sports on TV. Between the NFL games and the NASCAR championship race I kept busy channel surfing. I also managed to get in a couple of walks around the campground. There was a lot of activity on the river today. Many fishing boats and a few house boats passed by while I was watching. The resident sandhill cranes also made their presence known.

The resident sandhill cranes.

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