Fall has caught up with me

Thursday November 15th 2018

It rained hard last night. This morning the rain was over but the temperature was going the wrong way. The warmest temperature of the day was just after midnight. It is forecast to be in the high thirties overnight. Fall or maybe winter has caught up with me. I hoped I’d left the cold temperatures in New England at the end of October. At least I’m not experiencing the cold, snow and ice they are getting in the Northeast tonight.


Blossom of he day.

Today I took a drive to Green Cove Springs southwest of Jacksonville to pick up my mail from the mail service. It’s easier to pick it up when I’m in the area than having it shipped to General Delivery or some other address. The light middle of the day traffic made for an easy trip. I returned around the east side of Jacksonville competing the circle around the city. The dock area along the north bank of the St Johns river had several big Roll on Roll Off Car transports and one cruise ship in port.

I stopped on my way home for groceries. The theory was to stock up before the holiday crowds get into the store. It didn’t work. The number of people that chose today to do their Thanksgiving grocery shopping was huge. There were six or seven lanes open all with three or more people waiting in each line. The clerk in my lane said it had been busy all day. I spent more time in the checkout line than it took to pick out my groceries.

Late this afternoon I started picking up for my move tomorrow. I’ll be heading about 150 miles into Florida. I’ll be in Deland on the St. Johns river until the twenty fifth.

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