A Dreary Not Quite Wet Day

Wednesday November 14th 2018

Tuesday was a bright and sunny day. I got out of my RV home quickly and had a very active day. Today was just the opposite. It was a cloudy day with some very misty periods. I had to force myself to leave the RV park and then I only drove around for an hour or so. It’s only to continue my commitment to write a blog entry everyday that I’m putting a few thoughts out this evening. I didn’t see anything today but trees and traffic.


My Christmas Cactus continues to bloom. This year most of the blossoms are happening at the same time.

The weather around here is better than New England. I’m glad I got out of the region at the beginning of the month. The current forecast for snow in the northeast is not encouraging. Around here the bottom of the same front that stretches up the east coast is playing games with the weather. Yesterday the rain was off to the west along the front. Today it is off to the east and another line has moved into the west. The forecast calls for the whole mess to move north overnight with some real rain in this area. Once it goes by the temperatures will drop into the low sixties during the day.

I spent most of the day watching TV and surfing the Internet. I’ve been developing some ideas for activities during the next month or so. The weather is less likely to interrupt real plans vs. spontaneous plans, but time will tell.

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