A Visit to Downtown St. Marys GA

Tuesday November 13th 2018

Today was a very nice day. The temperature was more than ten degrees above normal peaking around 85 and very humid. Not far west of here there was heavy rain along the cold front that is moving this way. The next couple of days are forecast to be rainy. By the time the weather clears at the end of the week, record low temperatures are in the forecast.


Looking west up the St. Marys river. The clouds in the distance are closer to the cold front.

I spent some time in the old town of St. Marys Georgia today. In colonial times the city was a big ship building area. Today it is home to the Naval Submarine base Kings Bay and the mainland component of the Cumberland Island National Seashore. I wanted to checkout the details on taking the ferry out to the National Seashore. It looks like to get the most of a trip to the island you have to book one of the full day guided tours in advance. The alternative would be to spend a few days on the island backpack camping. The weather and an ongoing “Managed” hunt are obstacles to visiting the island this week. I’m thinking about visiting the island in the first part of February when I’m back in this area.


Looking east down the St Marys river.

The downtown area along the St. Marys river seems to have suffered some damage from the storms since my last visit to town. One of the docks and some of the seawall are blocked off and under repair. The town maintenance crews were also busy decorating the trees and light polls for Christmas. Beyond all that, the river that separates Georgia from Florida in this areas was as beautiful as usual. Not a lot was moving on the river, but the cloud formations in the sky made very pretty displays.


View across the St Marys River to Florida on the far bank.

Back at the campground this evening a mid week lull in occupancy seems to be enforce. Not as many over night visitors arrived Monday night and they all left this morning. Tonight it looks like a few less visitors arrived. I continue to wonder if the managers of parks like this have any way of forecasting their occupancy rate.


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