Laundry Day

Monday November 12th 2018

Today started too early. The people from Quebec in the diesel motorhome on the next site decided to leave at six this morning. First I heard the French language through my open windows. Next came the rumble of the diesel engine. Apparently they subscribe to the theory that the engine needs to be warmed up. The motor ran for half an hour to forty five minutes before they pulled out. Eventually I got back to sleep.


It was a cloudy day with an occasional light shower. The temperature was around seventy, but the constant threat of rain made outside activities risky. I had plenty of inside chores to keep me busy.

I finally got to catch up on the laundry. I had two full loads to wash of mostly cool weather clothes. They needed to be washed and put away until the next time I encounter cold weather. Unfortunately, that may be at the end of the week. This campground has two small laundry facilities. The one near my site has four washers and three dryers. It was empty when I arrived. By the time I finished all of the machines were in use and there was a waiting line. I didn’t really have the time or the space to properly fold things in the laundry room. I folded the critical things and loaded the rest of the stuff in the laundry bag and a pillow case and returned to my RV home to complete the folding. Somewhere in the process the drier sheets I used disappeared. I never found any of them. I expect them to show up the next time I get dressed in a hurry or in the dark. Laundry is such fun.


The laundry areas in campgrounds often double as a sort of library. Usually campers follow a leave one take one approach to the reading material that accumulates. Today I picked up Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn. I read it a few years ago, but started reading it again. When the laundry finished I brought it home and kept reading. Between the weather and the book anything else I planned for the afternoon was delayed until tomorrow or the next day. I finished the book a few minutes before I started this blog entry so I’ll take it back to the laundry tomorrow.


Blossom of the day


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