Sunday Chores

Sunday November 11th 2018

Today was a cloudy day. The day started with a gentle northeast breeze that increased as the day went by. The temperature topped out in the mid to upper sixties. It wasn’t a great day for a lot of things, but it was a good day to get back up on the roof of my RV home. I’ve been waiting for just this type of day to work on my satellite antenna.


The blossom of the day.

Late this morning I loaded my tools and supplies into a canvas bag and climbed up on the roof. The last time I tried to fix the dish, I didn’t have a long enough piece of coaxial cable. This time the cable was long enough, but I had more trouble getting the dish arm disassembled and re-assembled. I was sitting and kneeling on the roof for a long time. I’ve been feeling it since. Once I finished up on the roof I tested the fix. A new error message appeared on the control unit. I fixed this one with a master reset. I disconnected and reconnected the power. The satellite locked on to the three satellites for the first time in a long time.

The next problem was with the Directv receiver. It had been so long since it received its last update from the satellite that it needed to be reauthorized. The TV screen provided an internet address to complete the task, but AT&T has redone the entire web site to bring it in line with all its corporate sites. Trying to navigate the mixture of telephone and cable support pages to find the correct Directv site was a royal pain. I finally succeeded. I’m back to watching satellite TV. Now I can overdose on Hallmark Christmas movies if I don’t get driven crazy by the sweetness formula.

My second task for the day was supposed to be the laundry.  I was saved from the chore by the campground staff.  They were doing maintenance on the laundry facility near my site.  I could have brought my dirty clothes to the other facility in the campground, but watching the working satellite TV seemed like a better activity.  The nearby laundry will be open again tomorrow.

The campground emptied out today. My thought that this was a three day weekend didn’t seem to prove out. All of the families are gone. Most of the people that remained are either here for a while or overnight travelers. The atmosphere is back to the quiet road side campground with lots of interstate road noise.


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