Slowing Down and Settling In

Saturday November 10th 2018

Today was a day to settle in and get out of travel mode. It was a beautiful sunny day with a high temperature right around seventy degrees. I did a few more setup tasks like taking the bicycle off the car and getting the grill out. During the trip south I ran out of a few supplies. Today was the day to replenish the missing items. I made a grocery run to Walmart.

I have other chores that need to get done tomorrow or the next day. It has been a while since I did the laundry. The hamper has overflowed into the laundry bag and is filling up again. Most of the contents are cold weather clothes that need to be cleaned and put away. I’m back in warm weather clothes for the time being. According to the forecast the end of next week may require some of the cooler weather clothes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them don’t make an appearance until I’m at altitude next year.


The Christmas cactus that has been traveling around the country with me for the last three years has started to bloom once again. It wasn’t this regular in the house.

This campground is showing another side of its character. The past few times I’ve stopped at this RV park it hasn’t been a holiday weekend. Most of the people were travelers here for a night or two. This weekend there are many families with little kids as well as the travelers. The campground staff is doing its best to keep the weekenders entertained. There was a hay ride this afternoon for the kids and lawn toys like bean bag toss were all out for use. The weekenders give the place a much more active atmosphere.


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