A Very Wet Travel Day

Monday November 5th 2018

It was raining when I got up this morning. That’s not what I wanted to see on a travel day. Getting ready to travel was not fun. Working out side disconnecting the hookups I had to step around and occasionally in puddles. I’m not sure how my feet stayed dry. My pants below my rain coat were soaking wet by the time I was finished getting the outside ready for travel.

I departed at 9:30 on a challenging. During the first part of the trip it rained continuously.
As fate would have it, the rain fell hardest in the most congested areas along the interstate. Navigation was often by the red tail lights of the vehicle in front. About an hour and a half into the journey the rain let up some, but visibility didn’t improve. It was foggy with intermittent rain for the next couple of hours. By the time I arrived at my destination north of Richmond VA at 2:30 it was just cloudy and raw.


Site E-17 at the Americamps RV Resort in Ashland Virginia.

I spent much of the way playing with the heater controls in the RV. When I had enough air blowing at the windows to keep them from fogging up, I didn’t have enough heat blowing on me to keep warm. Between my wet cloths and the lack of heat, I was cold. I got a little more wet when I stopped for gas. The RV pumps were not under a cover. I stopped at the Virginia Welcome center long enough to change into dry clothes.

If I hadn’t made reservations for all my stops along the way to Florida, I would have been delaying my travels to stay out of the bad weather. Tomorrow has a potential to have severe weather in my travel path. I’m only here for one night. My next stop is for two nights.

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