Travel Day to Pennsylvania

Sunday November 4th 2018

The time change back to Standard Time helped to get me up early this morning. I was aiming for a 9AM departure. A minor issue hooking up the towed car delayed my departure until 9:30. I was ushered out of the campground by a roving rafter of turkeys. The birds were practically running through the campground.

My travel day ended six hours later in Jonestown Pennsylvania. I stopped once for gas and once for a brief restroom break. The gas stop in Connecticut was expensive. I should have filled up before leaving Massachusetts on Friday. I put in nearly $200 worth of gas in the RV. It took two hours to get out of Connecticut, an hour to cross New York followed by three hours in Pennsylvania to get to my destination.


Site 62 at the Jonestown/Hershey KOA.

In New York and Pennsylvania I kept distracted by counting dead deer along the side of the road. I lost count around twelve. These are small full grown dark colored deer native to the area. They probably get hit at night. I didn’t see any living deer in the fields.

Today’s weather was sunny in the mid fifties with very little wind. I could have done with a little less sun. I had to wear my sun glasses against the glare outside the motorhome. Unfortunately they make it difficult to see the rear view monitor and the GPS inside the RV. Going through some of the congested areas the rear view monitor, which also shows the sides when using the directional, is very helpful in knowing what’s in the blind spots. I got surprised at least once today.

This was my longest driving day on this segment of Rob’s Rambling Road trip. Today was about three hundred and thirty miles. Tomorrow will be a little less at about two hundred and seventy five miles and each successive day is a little less. North of Virginia it’s all about what’s open.

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