Racing the Storm front to Fayetteville NC

Tuesday November 6th 2018

I woke up to unexpected rain this morning. The last forecast I heard called for rain between 11AM and 4PM along the leading edge of a cold front moving in from the west. The morning forecast called the rain in the Richmond area a welcome forerunner to the afternoon storms. The theory being that it would prevent the air from heating up enough to produce severe weather in the afternoon. Either way the rain got in the way of may travel preparations.

The rain was letting up as I started my travel day shortly after 9AM. Even with the unexpected rain to contend with, it was my earliest departure on this repositioning trip. As I moved south out of the rain it got very warm. The temperature moved through the seventies to around eighty. With the heat came the wind. It was a very gusty day that had the motorhome moving around a bit more than I like.


Site 48 at the Fayetteville RV Resort in Wade NC.

I ended my travel day around 1:30 in Wade NC at the Fayetteville RV Resort. I was happy to be off the road before the predicted severe weather arrived. Around 3:30 the wind died down and the high humidity took hold. After several weeks in the cool north, it was very uncomfortable. The storm front arrived about an hour later with a resumption of the wind and some rain. Overall it was a very mild front as it passed through.

I’ll be here for a couple of nights. Last Saturday when I made reservations for the stops on the trip south I assumed I’d be ready for an extra rest day. I really just found my travel groove, so I could easily have continued. Making reservations was also unnecessary for these mid week stops. There are a lot of Snowbirds heading south, but there have been empty spaces at all of my stops. This weekend is a holiday weekend, so I’m glad I have reservations for that period.


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