Travel vs. Weather

Thursday November 1st 2018

The wet colder than normal October is over in the northeast. November has arrived and it is time for me to head south. The only problem is the weather. Another major storm front is moving through the area from west to east Friday and Saturday.


Today’s fall blossoms.

The idea of driving three hundred and sixty miles in the rain and wind is not appealing. I started to look for alternatives. The big problem is the small number of campgrounds still open combined with the number of campers that are still camping on the weekends. My original plan was to travel to the Harrisburg PA area. The route goes through some of the high country of central Pennsylvania which can be unpredictable. I couldn’t find any open campgrounds along that route short of my original destination. A couple of Walmart parking lots are possible solutions, but not ones that I want to settle on. Instead I’ve decided to go off route by fifty miles or so and stay on the Connecticut coast for the weekend. I’ll head to the Harrisburg area on Sunday.

While I was in the campground search and reservation mode I looked out a few stops to next weekend. I had planned to stay for a few days in the Savanna Georgia area, but my planned stop is fully booked over the weekend. I continue to under estimate the popularity of places and to remember to take holidays into account. Veterans Day is a long weekend this year, so I’m now in scramble mode for next weekend too. The Thanksgiving Week will also be a problem. My first reservation in Florida starts on Sunday the 25th of November. The need to plan way ahead continues to be my biggest annoyance in this life style.

With my travel distance reduced to less than one hundred miles tomorrow, I don’t have to get an early start. I worked on getting ready for the overall journey south today, but I didn’t do as much packing as I had planned. Now, I’ll have time in the morning.

This campground has started to fill up for the weekend today. Staying here another two days was my first thought, but I would have had to move to a much less desirable, but more expensive site. Getting started south, even if it’s only a little ways, is good for me.

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