More Traffic Issues

Wednesday October 31st 2018

Today was filled with a lot of driving and visiting before I hit the road south at the end of the week. Coming home tonight I experienced the worst kind of traffic issue. A night time backup on the Interstate caused by an accident.

Traveling east on the Interstate I passed a message sign that said my exit was 2 miles and 32 minutes away. I thought it was a mistake, but shortly after passing the sign I came to a complete stop. There was an accident at my exit that closed two and a half of the three travel lanes. The sign was overly optimistic. It took nearly forty minutes to get through the backup.


Visibility in the traffic jam was terrible. The dark night and the big trucks made seeing anything next to impossible.

Nighttime traffic jams are worse because you can’t see anything. There is no scenery to look at other than black and distance visibility is obscured by bright lights. Tonight I didn’t have much of a forward view. I had big trucks ahead and beside me. The only good thing about the trucks was they provided good interference with traffic when it was necessary to merge into other lanes.

I finally got back to my cold RV home around nine. The heat has been on since and I’m starting to warm up now.


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