Travel Day to Niantic CT

Friday November 2nd 2018

I made the right choice to delay my exit from New England until Sunday. Today’s weather wasn’t conducive to travel. It was very windy with just enough rain to keep everything wet and visibility low. The expected downpours didn’t happen in the areas I traveled through, but areas to the north and west got more rain. The current forecast has heavy rain coming into the area overnight. If I’d chosen to head out of New England for Pennsylvania I’d have driven right into the heart of the storm.

The ninety mile drive today was not fun. Wind was strong and gusty all the way. The RV was pushed around a lot and I had a couple of issues towing the car. I didn’t have any lights on the toad even with a brand new cable to connect the RV to the vehicle under tow. I tried a few simple fixes before I had to check out this morning, but they weren’t successful. I’ll work on it in more detail tomorrow. The second issue is a little more serious. My supplemental brake in the tow isn’t working. The RV had all the braking responsibility on today’s journey. The supplemental brake only comes into play on hard stops, but I won’t be continuing until that is fixed. I think it is as simple as a break in the 12V power cord to the device. I’m going to take it apart and check it out.


Site 107 at the Niantic I-95 KOA.

I arrived at the Niantic I95 KOA after about two hours on the road. This campground is open until next weekend, but it is fairly empty tonight. The campground is covered in leaves that fell from the trees. One of the staff members said most of the leaves had fallen in today’s wind. I believe it. Leaves were blowing around all over the place. I’m all setup for the weekend.


Many of the trees lost lots of leaves last night into today.


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