From Sun to Wind to Sun Again

Tuesday October 30th 2018

The day began sunny and chilly. The temperature got down into the low forties overnight and did not improve much during the day. The sun was gradually replaced by clouds and lots of wind. By the end of the day the wind died down and the sun started to return only to set as night arrived. It really wasn’t an outside kind of day.


Fall display of blossoms.

My biggest task of the day was a grocery run. I needed to stock the refrigerator and cabinets with food for the next week and lay in extra supplies of a few things I can only find in New England. As I travel around the country there a few brands and products that aren’t available. Most of the time there are alternatives available. They just don’t hit the mark as well as the ones I’ve eaten for years. I now have enough Kayem Old Tyme Hot Dogs in my freezer to last a few months. I’ve also got a couple of boxes of Hoods Ice Cream Sandwiches in the freezer.

Today wasn’t my favorite shopping experience. The Super Walmart I shopped in looked rather new, but it wasn’t well stocked. There were gaps in the shelves that needed to be filled and the overall selections seemed to be more limited. The biggest issue was the checkouts. This Walmart is following the trend toward self service checkouts. There were ten or more self service lanes open and only a couple of full service checkouts. If I have one or two things, I’ll do the self checkout thing, but with a full cart of stuff I want the service I’m paying for.

At the campground this afternoon I bundled up and took a walk around the facility. The empty sites among tall pines and colorful maple trees made a nice area for a walk. Except for the temperature it was a very nice afternoon walk.


Bright Orange Maple Trees.


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