Surrounded by Severe Weather

Monday October 29th 2018

Once again, today began with the sound of rain on the roof. A warm front was moving north through the area causing the unsettled conditions. While I was having breakfast the TV meteorologists broke into programming with a tornado warning for the area around Falmouth MA. The projected path was not to far from where I spent the last week. My current location is about sixty miles from Falmouth. The rain was letting up in this area, but a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for an area just north of here. I was surrounded by bad weather. There were a few brief additional showers this morning. The afternoon was dry with occasional sunshine.


Puddles outside my RV home this morning.

Once the rain started to let up this morning many of the people that didn’t depart yesterday afternoon packed up and departed. It seems like an unusually high number of Monday departures and I can’t understand why. The family on the site next to me was one of today’s departures. They were a young family with three little girls under school age including a set of identical twins. It was interesting watching the parents attempt to pack up while keeping the kids from jumping in the puddles. I was surprised when they didn’t leave yesterday.


The campground is a nice pocket of fall color.

Many of the people that camp here during the fall are big sports fans. Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots play is only a mile or two away. The campground has big screen TVs in the lodge for sports viewing parties. I think it’s reasonable to say this campground has its share of sports fans. That was proven last night when the Boston RedSox won the World Series. As the final strike was thrown, car and truck horns all over the park started to sound. I wonder what the people who weren’t watching the game thought of all the noise.

r3t2018-10-29_19-522I spent most of day working on various tasks around the RV. I need to make sure everything is ready for travel. I’ve spent the last two months in short travel mode. I only moved every one to three weeks distances of less than one hundred miles. On Friday I begin a period with one and two night stays and three hundred or more miles between stops.


Blossoms of the day.


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