Travel Day to Foxboro MA

Sunday October 28th 2018

After yesterday’s full day of Nor’easter rain, this morning began cloudy and damp. A short walk around the campground showed more small branches on the ground and light damage than I thought occurred. One branch was closer to my RV home than I liked, but I didn’t take any damage.

I got packed up and ready to travel by the eleven AM checkout time. Since the campground was closing today, I don’t think anyone would care if I didn’t leave by the checkout time. What I was concerned with was getting blocked in by the seasonal residents across the road. They were going to have a complicated job getting the trailer off the site. My ability to get out of my site would have been seriously complicated once they hooked up their truck and trailer. I envisioned an hour or more wait if they ran into any issues. Consequently, I was out of my site by 11:30 before they were ready for the heavy maneuvering.

The next challenge was how to two and a half or more hours to travel fifty miles. The check out time at my destination is 1PM and the official check in time is 4PM. My thought was 2PM was a safe time to arrive. I stopped at a rest area on Interstate 495 for an hour and a half. A little lunch and some TV passed the time. Even so when I arrived at Normandy Farms Campground in Foxboro shortly after 2PM, my site was only just declared vacant. With very few people checking in the campground wasn’t enforcing its checkout time. RVs were still leaving late this afternoon.


Site 915 at the Normandy Farms Campground in Foxboro MA.

This is a true resort campground. The sites are reasonable size. They have many recreational facilities including a Bocce ball court across from my site. The problem is they can and do command a high price for the use of their resort. For someone that doesn’t use the facilities beyond the basic campsite, the price is not appreciated. It is also one of the only campgrounds still open in this part of the area. I’ll be here until Friday. I’d like the flexibility to adjust my departure for the south around the predicted bad weather, but I think this campground will be full for the nearby Patriots football game next weekend.


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