Another Wet Weekend

Saturday October 27th 2018

The trend of wet weekends continued. It seems like sometime during every weekend in October it has rained. Today a Nor’easter hit the area. It began overnight and continued all day. As I’m writing this blog entry the rain has let up but the wind continues.


View out my front window. Rain and leaves covered the window and the road.

The storm was in full swing when I woke up this morning. The early part of the storm was heavy rain. It let up to a moderate level the rest of the day. I lucked out on the orientation of my RV home to the wind direction. I didn’t get the full force of the gusts where I’m located, but it still howled outside.

I stayed in all day. It was a little too wet to walk outside and I decided to heed the “suggestions” by law enforcement and stay off the roads. The concern about flooding and downed power lines in this area was probably overstated, but why take a chance. One of the seasonal RVs remaining in the park took some wind damage to its awning this afternoon. Other seasonal residents on site to pack up their units did what they could to stabilize the situation. I don’t think the packers were having any fun in this weather. They will probably have more work to do tomorrow than they planned.

My day was spent watching TV and more research on the internet. The reruns of NCIS on the USA Network were a good diversion. Tomorrow I move about fifty miles inland to Foxboro MA. I’ll be there until Friday when I head south.


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