Coping with the Weather

Friday October 26th 2018

The temperature got down below freezing last night, but I was comfortable under the covers in my bed. When I got up this morning the inside temperature was in the mid forties. The heaters brought the inside temperature up to the comfortable range quickly. The outside temperature didn’t get above forty five all day.


Pleasure Fishing boat passing under the Bourne Bridge in the Cape Cod Canal.

This is the coldest daytime high temperature I’ve experienced in my RV home since the fall of 2015. That was my last fall in New England. I stayed in the area through the end of November before spending the winter in Florida. Daytime temperature during November were in the thirties on some days. The coldest daytime temperatures I’ve experienced since then were never below the mid fifties and those days haven’t happened that often. To some degree I’ve been lucky, but it’s also planning. In general, I’m fine in areas that go below freezing at night as long as it gets back into the fifties during the day. If it is going to be below freezing for a long period of time, I have to be conscious of my water system freezing.



Today the wind wasn’t blowing very hard. The power generating windmills in the area weren’t in use, possibly because there wasn’t enough wind. The birds also seem to be taking note of the changed weather. The areas that have been full of sea birds didn’t have any avian inhabitants today. I still found a few birds near an area of the canal that receives runoff from the land. Maybe the water was warmer in the area. The bright sunlight still allowed an enjoyable walk along he canal as long as you were bundled up against the cold.


Canal Patrol boat passing a sailboat struggling against the current.

Tomorrow this area is in the cross hairs of a Nor’easter. If I hadn’t spent a lifetime in New England, I’d be hunkered down afraid tonight. The amount of hype on TV about the storm is amazing. There is going to be a lot of rain and wind. If it gets bad I may have to bring in my slide out rooms to keep the slide toppers from flapping around, but that’s probably the worst case. When I hear the weather forecasters getting excited about potential severe weather in other parts of the country I pay too much attention. With little to no local knowledge you have to be conservative and react quickly. In this area, I’m in danger of being to laid back.


Fuel barge being pushed by a tug.



Security tug following the fuel barge.


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