Enjoying time on the Cape Cod Canal

Thursday October 25th 2018

Yesterday’s rain gave way to a bright sunny day today. The temperature peaked around fifty degrees with a constant northwest wind. In the sun out of the wind it was a nice day.


Sailboat coming under the Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal.


Sailboat after clearing the bridge. With the wind in its sails, its motor running and the current it was really moving fast.

I got a slow start to the day. After I turned on the electric heaters I went back to bed to stay warm. It was after ten by the time I was working on breakfast. My energy level all day was also lagging. I took three walks along the canal and in the campground. The longest was only about a mile and a half. The rest of the time I was staying warm in my RV home watching TV and researching travel plans. The one significant accomplishment (of sorts) was booking Sunday through Friday at Normandy Farms Campground in Foxboro MA. It keeps me from having to travel long distances in bad weather this weekend and gives me more time in the area. A week from tomorrow I’ll start my travels south.



In the campground the number of RVs is steadily decreasing. The seasonal residents are working on getting their sites cleared for the winter. They show up with trucks and box trailers to load all of their yard furniture and outdoor paraphernalia. Many of the sites have elaborate wood platform decks that have to be disassembled and taken away. Some of the residents have hired a crew to do the work and in other cases it’s neighbor helping neighbor. The final step is moving the RV out. In some cases a commercial moving service shows up to hook up the rig for transport to storage. In other cases once again the help of neighbors comes into plan. Some of the seasonal residents don’t have the equipment or skill to move their RVs off their sites. The campground officially closes on Sunday the twenty eight. I don’t know if they have additional time to get their sites cleared. In past years it has been a lot more empty by this time.


Every time I approached this blue heron it would fly a hundred yards up the canal.





I finally managed to get a little closer.

The traffic in the canal today was more pleasure craft than commercial traffic. The pictures in this blog entry are all from today’s walks along the canal.


Coast Guard Cutter Sanibel in the Cape Cod Canal.

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