Travel Planning on a Rainy Day

Wednesday October 24th 2018

I must not have paid very close attention to he weather forecast. I expected today to be a cloudy mostly dry day. What we had was a cloudy mostly wet day. The majority of the day was spent in the transition between rain and dry. It never rained hard for long and it wasn’t dry for long either.


Tug pushing a fuel barge.

It was difficult to get in any outside activity. The return of the rain was difficult to predict, so I couldn’t walk far from my RV home. Most of my outside activity was a quick walk to the side of the canal to watch a ship pass through the canal. I saw two ships today and missed one because it passed during one of the rain showers. Late in the day I got a slightly longer walk in as the sun broke through, but I had to rush back to my RV home to avoid yet another shower.


Coastal tanker passing west through the Cape Cod canal.


About to go under the Bourne Bridge.

During the rain showers I worked on my 2019 travel plans. My primary destination for next summer is the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. The open questions are what travel route and what significant sights do I want to see. I’ve pretty much decided on the general route. I’ll leave Florida in April on the southern route west along Interstate 10. From Arizona I’ll head north toward Idaho either through Utah or Nevada before turning west again along Interstate 84. This will bring me along the Columbia River into the Portland Oregon area. Once I reach the Pacific Ocean I’ll turn north along the coast toward Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. That will probably be the northern extent of my travels in 2019. I’ll head inland to the Mount Rainier area of Washington then work my was south in Oregon, California and Nevada. The winter of 2019-2020 will be in Las Vegas or somewhere in Arizona.


I think this is the same bird I’ve seen on this post the last three days.

I haven’t figured out travel times, lengths of stay in different areas or the holiday weekends. As I get a handle on these things, I may add travel areas or streamline some of the routes. There are plenty of areas that I’m leaving for another year’s travel. Right now I’m leaning on going north through Utah. Last year I visited many of the southern Utah National Parks, but I haven’t been in the area north of Salt Lake City. There are still a lot of decisions to make. I want to be more prepared for next year. This year I’ve had a few target locations, but no plans between the locations. This caused a great deal of on the go planning. I’m going to try and make more reservations at better places by committing to a plan early.


Are they watching the water stream by or are they about to start a race?


This bird is taking advantage of the brief sun to have a snack on a seaweed covered rock.

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