Stormy Tuesday

Tuesday October 23rd 2018

The day began dry and cloudy and ended a similar way. In between a series of storms passed through the area that challenged natures balance. This area had severe thunderstorm warnings and not to far north of here there was a tornado warning. A picture of a “tornado-ish” cloud from this area was shown on the TV news tonight.


This big seagull was practicing his balancing act on one leg.

I wasn’t at my RV home during most of the severe weather. When I returned I saw evidence of lots of rain. There were runoff gullies in several new places and big puddles to cross getting from the road to my RV home. I didn’t see much evidence of strong winds.

On my way back to my RV home from southern New Hampshire I passed through a couple of very heavy storms. Visibility got very poor and I had to turn the windshield wipers on full speed. Traffic speed didn’t slow down very much. Normal traffic seems to be around seventy. During the rain storms it came down to sixty. That’s probably still too fast for the conditions, but trying to go slower than the flow would have been as dangerous. I just made sure my separation from the cars in front was a greater distance than normal. It was a couple of tense five minute periods with dry sunshine conditions in between.

While I was out I made sure I bought a Mega Millions lottery ticket. It’s hard to believe that the jackpot is 1.6 billion dollars. I don’t have any expectation of winning, but you can’t win if you done play. Hopefully several people will have the winning numbers. No one person needs that much money. If no one wins, the rollover to 2 billion plus will be even more ridiculous.

Go Red Sox!

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