A Visit to Plymouth Harbor

Thursday October 11th 2018

The day stated with clouds and ended with rain. The first burst of rain came down while I was having breakfast. It rained hard for about two minutes then when back to just cloudy. The pattern repeated off and on until around 3PM when the rain came for real.


The hunk of stone honored as the famous Plymouth Rock. It is almost covered by a very high tide.

The early rain spoiled my plan of getting up on the roof to work on the satellite dish, so it was on to plan B. I needed groceries and I wanted to checkout Plymouth Harbor. The harbor area is always an interesting visit. The combination of tourists checking out the historic sites combined with the activity in the harbor makes for a lot of activity.


Gloomy view of Plymouth Harbor.




Mooring ball being shared by a bird and a boat.

The harbor was a little different today. The overcast and rain made activity on the water slow. I didn’t see any boats in motion. They were all docked or moored in the harbor. The Mayflower II replica of the original transport ship is in Mystic Connecticut getting refurbished for the 400 anniversary of the Pilgrim’s arrival in 2020. The park area in front of the pier is getting a refresh as well. New trees and bushes were getting planted today. The pictures I’m including in this blog entry show how gray the weather made the day. I got a little wet from another quick hit of rain getting back to the car.


An examples of the lobster art statues around town.


Judging by the color this one is already cooked.

I got my surprise for the day at the Walmart in Plymouth. The store doesn’t use plastic bags. It uses paper bags. I recall some discussion on a local ordnance a few years back. It seems to have been approved. The paper bags brought back a lot of memories good and bad. When one of the bags got wet, the really bad memories returned. I caught everything before the contents hit the ground, but it was an interesting juggling match. I know where to recycle the plastic bags, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the paper bags. I’ll go back to the other Walmart in Taunton next time. They still use plastic and seemed to be better stocked.


Another gull declaring itself as king of the world.

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