A Very Normal Kind of Day

Wednesday October 10th 2018

I don’t have a lot to write about tonight. It was a beautiful day with above normal temperatures in the mid eighties. Traffic was a big part of my day again. I managed to get stuck in traffic heading north. One little construction crew in the median of the Interstate had traffic backed up for more than five miles. I guess that proves the roads are very close to capacity.


A different kind of foliage.

The foliage seems to have passed peak in many areas. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees quickly. Rain and wind are in the forecast for the next couple of days, so many more leaves will be on the ground by the weekend. I’ve really enjoyed seeing true multicolored fall foliage after last years yellows in Arizona. Next year I will probably be back on the west coast. Who knows what I’ll see for fall foliage. That’s part of the fun of travel on my Rambling Road Trip.

I bought another cable to fix my satellite dish today. If the rain holds off tomorrow long enough I’ll be back on the roof. It’s hard to tell when the rain is going to start tomorrow. The weather forecast time on the TV is spent talking mostly about the hurricane in the south with only a few words about tomorrows weather in this area. The hurricane went from an area of interest to a hurricane so fast the TV weather talkers are still trying to catch up. As usual I got engrossed in the Weather channel’s coverage of the storm. I don’t want to be in one, but I have an almost morbid fascination with the storm coverage.


More Holy berries.

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