Windy Start to Holiday Weekend

Friday October 5th 2018

It was very windy this morning, but not as cool as I anticipated. The day started out close to the high temperature for the day around sixty. By the end of the day it was in the fifties and dropping.

I wanted to get up on the roof of the RV to work on the satellite dish antenna today. I’m not extremely comfortable up there, so I waited for the wind to die down. The blowing wind added a chill to the air and was causing a lot of leaves to come down on the roof. The wind finally let up late in the day as the sun was setting. I’ll try again tomorrow.

The campground is filling up for the holiday weekend. Some weekenders arrived on Thursday, but the bulk of the new arrivals started shortly after lunch today. This is the last weekend of the season for most of the weekend campers. Many campgrounds in this area close this weekend. This campground is open for a few more weeks.

There is a party atmosphere tonight. Some of the weekend arrivals came with enough wood to keep a fire going through out their stay. I can see two big fires with several people sitting around from my front window. There are also a couple of groups sitting around outside TVs watching the Red Sox vs. Yankees in the first game of the American League Division Series. As I’m writing this entry I have the game on my TV in the RV. Whenever something interesting happens in the game I hear the cheers or moans on the TV and from the groups watching the game near me.

Watching the ball game has really slowed down the completion of this blog entry. The game is now over with a Red Sox win. The Yankees really tested the Sox bullpen, but some how they hung on to win game one of the series.


Hidden blossom of the day.

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