Surrounded by Parties

Saturday October 12th 2018

It was a beautiful fall weekend day. The sun was shining bright with the high temperature in the mid sixties. Yesterday’s wind was gone. It was replaced by an occasional gentle breeze.

It would have been a good day to work on the satellite antenna on the roof, but I found another excuse. My neighbors were having a party in full view of my work zone. I didn’t feel like being part of the entertainment, or at the very least a big distraction to their party. I suppose they could have caught me if I fell off the roof. They were under twenty feet away. There will be better opportunities to work on the roof.

I think the party next door was a football watching party. The people are from Texas and they put up a Texas Longhorn flag this morning before the Texas vs. Oklahoma game came on TV. There were two or three extra cars of people in attendance, but they weren’t too loud and it was over by mid afternoon.


The campground staff kept the kids entertained with train rides.

Walking around the campground I saw many similar groups gathered. People are making the most of the good weather and the last holiday weekend of this camping season. With the exception of a few tent sites the campground seems to be full. I’ve been here on Memorial Day weekend a few times and all of the sites including the tent sites have been full to overflowing. Some of the changes to the campground over the years have reduced the number of sites in favor of a few more cabins, so there certainly have been more people in the campground. Another change to the campground was adding sewer to the majority of the campsites. The positive impact of that change is far less traffic on the restroom facilities. I remember the facility with a waiting line in the morning on a holiday weekend, now it looks like it gets far less use.


A holly bush with lots of berries.


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