The Real Start of Fall Foliage

Wednesday October 3rd 2018

It rained most of the night. This morning it was foggy and drizzly. As the day went by it got drier and a little warmer. The temperature topped out in the mid sixties.


On my drive back to the southern New Hampshire area I was happy to see some color in the foliage along the roads. It has been three years since I saw a multicolored fall. In 2016 I was in the Florida Georgia area at this time of year. Most of what I saw in that area was rust colored or just plain brown. Last year I was in Arizona during September and October. The desert just gets browner. At the seven thousand plus feet of altitude around the Grand Canyon there was some color, but nothing like the multicolored displays around here. In the Grand Canyon area if it wasn’t green it was bright yellow.


The foliage season is getting started a couple of weeks late according to the TV weather talkers. I agree it was late getting started, but I think it is going to catch up with the average year quickly. Some of the forecasters are calling for a better than normal foliage year because of the hot wet summer, but I have heard at least one forecast say that the hot wet summer will result in a duller result. I was happy to see several deep red trees today. When combined with the more common orange and yellow trees it makes a very pretty presentation. The colored foliage is still in isolated low areas. The sweeping hillside displays and the tree lined road displays haven’t been achieved yet.

I’m currently staying in an area of Massachusetts that isn’t know for it’s foliage. As you approach the Cape Cod area the tree varieties change to primarily pine and oak. The Oak trees just turn brown late in the fall. They often don’t drop their leaves until after the first snow fall. I’ll be traveling back into the heart of Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire many times over the next few weeks, so I should get plenty of opportunity to see some of the real fall colors. I’d like to get a few pictures of the foliage to share in this blog. I don’t think I’ll be traveling into northern New England for anything, but it is always a possibility.


Close up of the blossom of the day.

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